Well Hello Gorgeous!

Aloha!I’m Mariam, wife, entrepreneur, and mother of three children, and they are one of the reasons I decided to start making my natural skincare products. Being surrounded by nature and so much beauty has really inspired me to make some changes in the way I care for my family. This blog allows me to share my products, and my experiences using natural beauty products, and what I am learning about living a healthier life. I will be sharing with you all:┬ánew products, techniques, and health & beauty routines. I will also be asking your opinions and experiences with natural skincare products. This will also be a way for me to share with you my journey to building my business up and hopefully encourage others to pursue their dreams no matter how difficult things seem. My hope is that I will add something positive to your life; feel free to contact me with questions about my products. I am glad to share what I have learned, will continue to learn, and what has worked for my family and I. You can feel at ease knowing that if I wouldn’t use or recommend something for my family, then I would not want you to use it for yourself or your loved ones!

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